Other Services

Magic Shows

Our magicians range in price depending on the type of service/show and length. We have magicians that do walk-around magic, close-up table magic, and stage shows. These magic services/shows can range anywhere from 20 minutes to 1+ hours. Example: Our most popular children’s magic show is our stage show that features several puppets (who each help with a different magic trick) and a live rabbit that the guests can pet at the end of the show. This show is $175 for 30 minutes, and $185 for 40 minutes, and $195 for 50 minutes. The longer the show the more tricks and magic the magician can show the guests.

Please call or message for more details on other magic services and for pricin3

Clown Services

We have a wide variety of male and female clowns and our “In-Clown” upgrade service is where you can have any of the above services performed by one of our clowns for an additional $45 per hour upgrade fee. Example: 1 balloon twisting clown for 2 hours is $280: ($95 x 2hr) + ($45 x 2hr) = $280. We also provide a wide range of other clown services as well so please call or message for more information.

Arts & Crafts Lessons/ Parties

When it comes to our craft parties the sky’s the limit! We offer craft lessons/parties for ages 4 to 94 and for groups as small as 8 to as large as 40. These craft lessons/parties can be things like: canvas paintings, bird house paintings, wooden sign making/decorating, jewelry making, wreath making, foam crafts, paper crafts, glass crafts, and more. See something you like on Pinterest? Let us turn that item it into a craft party or choose for our data base of hundreds of craft options. We’ll supply all of the products AND equipment need to complete the craft as well as an instructor to lead guests step by step on how to create the craft. Prices vary depending on the type of craft and length of time it takes so complete the craft. Please call or message for details and for a specific quote.

Circus Acts/ Performers

We offer several types of circus performers such as: clowns, magicians, jugglers, fire performers, aerial artists, hula hoop & poi performers, and more. Each of these individual services range in price and can be done as either a show (in increments of anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes) or be done as background/ambiance performances.  

Please call or message for details and for a specific quote.

Mural Painting

Have a room, wall, or object inside or outside of your home or business you’d like painted? Our talented artists can help! Mural pricing depends on the type of surface being painted on (i.e. wood, brick, drywall, etc), the type of paint being used (i.e. indoor, outdoor etc), and the detail of the design (the more detailed the design the longer it will take the artist to paint).

Please call or message for details and for a specific quote.

Mr & Mrs Clause

Let our talented Santas and Mrs Clauses bright your holiday this season. Whether they are visiting your guests together or separately they’ll be sure to spread the holiday joy. Pricing depends on the type of appearance/service (photos on Santa’s lap, roaming Santa, crafts/cooking with Mrs Clause, etc) and length of time.

Please call or message for details and for a specific quote.