Standard Balloon Twisting

About 18-20 guests can be served per hour with quick/simple balloon designs that use 1-3 balloons. This services includes professional grade equipment and products such as: a wide range of balloon twisting balloon colors, specialty shaped balloons (such as heart shaped) and over 40 different character printed balloons (such as Mickey, Minnie, Hello Kitty, Star Wars characters, Superheros, Paw Patrol, and more).

Pricing: 1 artist per hour is $95

Master Balloon Twisting

Our ‘Standard Balloon Twisters’ make balloon designs that typically use 3 balloons or less. Our ‘Master Balloon Twisters’ make designs that can use any number of balloons. These Master Twisters each have at least 10 years or more experience and can literally make just about anything you can think of. The more detailed the balloon design the less guests per hour the artist can serve but Master Twisters can typically serve about 18-20 guests per hour with balloon designs that use 5-10 balloons.

Pricing: 1 artist for 1 hour is $150, $295 for 2 hours, and $435 for 3 hours

Balloon Blast Extravaganza

Want to really have some fun with your balloons? Then try this! The Balloon Blast Extravaganza is where guests are lead through a series of games, by your balloon twister, using balloon twisted objects that your balloon twister makes for each guest. The guests can then take home these balloon objects/toys as party favors and continue playing the games at home. This is recommend for guests at least 4 years old and up. The longer the session the more games guests get to learn and play.

Pricing: one 40-minute session is $135, 50 minute session is $150, 1 hour session is $165

Stuffed Balloon Gifts

Need a unique birthday, baby-shower, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift? Then try one of our amazing Stuffed Balloon gifts. These are large clear balloons that hold presents inside such as: stuff animals (Mickey, Minnie, Minion, mermaid, teddy bear, dog, and more), chocolates, candies, small toys, flowers, and more. These professional grade balloons can last up to 4+ weeks long and range in price depending on the contents of the balloon.

Pricing: typically $35-$60 per balloon gift. Please call or message for more information and to place an order.