Face And Body Painting

Kids Face Painting

About 10-12 guests can be face painted in 1 hour with full face to half face designs and about 16-18 guests with quick/simple cheek art or forehead only designs.

Our artists only use professional grade products and equipment and this includes a wide variety of paint colors (including matte, shimmer, and metallic) and powder glitters. Guests can also pick from a large variety of designs (whether it’s from one of our standard menu boards or one of our themed menu boards) and our artists always take special requests as well.

Pricing1 artist per hour is $95

Adult Face/ Body Painting

About 10 guests can be face painted in 1 hour with full face to half designs and about 15 with just eye, cheek, chest, or forehead art. Private body painting and group body painting times vary depending on the size of the design and the image requested. For example, a back mural on one person may take anywhere between 45 minutes to 3+ hours depending on the design. This service includes only professional grade equipment and products. Products offered are: paints (glow-in-the-dark, matte, metallic, and shimmer), powder and chunky glitters, loose gems and gem clusters, features, and more.

Pricing depends on the length of time needed and products so please call or message for details and to receive a time estimate and quote.

Adult Special Effects Makeups

These are detailed makeups using special effects products
ranging anywhere from 20 minutes to 2+ hours per person. The price and length of time it takes to complete one of these makeups depends on the design and the products being use (example: prosthetics, liquid latex, fake blood, paints, etc). 

Please call or message for details and to receive a time estimate and quote.

Pregnancy Belly Painting

Pregnancy belly painting can be done as a group or as a private session. We recommend that expecting mothers be at least 6 months pregnant in order to show off their baby bump. A pregnancy belly painting can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours depending on the design requested. 

Please call or message for details and to receive a time estimate and quote.